Sunday, January 11, 2009

01_Moving to Sydney

So begins a new adventure on the Eastern coast!

After dropping Claira and Mum at the airport, Dad and I began the 2 day drive across the border through Victoria and on to NSW on Tuesday 6th Jan. My new car ('Liquid Magma' - preferably pronounced in Dr Evil voice) was packed to the roof with clothes, my guitar, a bike, countless boxes of DVDs and my computers. Staying in Waga Waga overnight then taking a more scenic route through the Blue Mountains, we arrived in Sydney late Wed afternoon. Post 2 days of retail therapy in Sydney city, Mum and Claira met us at my new home; with the
 Atkin/Haddrick family in Hunters Hill.

My new home in Hunters Hill

Toocooya Rd, Hunters Hill

My new room

Having the family come over to help me settle in was great. We spent our couple of days together in and around Sydney, discovering its many shopping malls and tourist attractions. The Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour were particularly amazing; a green oasis in the middle of an urban jungle.

We ventured out across the city to the NSW art gallery to see the Impressionists exhibition. Then in stark contrast Dad drove us through the crazy Sydney traffic out to visit the Westfield at Bondi. Standing 13 stories high packed full of shops, food courts and cinemas, it makes Marion seem quite insignificant.

Dad also decided to test out both his and my GPS on a trip out to my new work. With me in the driving seat trying to wade through traffic and Dad alongside in the passenger seat, Mum and Claira were left to panic in the back seats. Regardless of both conflicting GPS directions and that of a 2009 Sydney street directory, we got lost. Many times. We eventually arrived in Alexandria at the offices of 'Film View' where I was able to meet Daemon, 1 of the 2 owners and operators of the company. I will be working between the office and the warehouse, and out on locations around NSW. 

Then early on Sunday morning, after a big night out with 2 Adelaide friends at the opening night of the Sydney Festival, I took Mum, Dad and Claira to the airport for a sad farewell.

So my honeymoon period is almost over. I start work tomorrow (Tuesday 13th) on a 4 day television commercial. 1 day to prepare the truck and equipment for the shoot, then 3 days out on location for principal photography. So my expectations of only 2 days of work are out the window which is great news for me!

I'll keep this blog up to date with my new Sydney life!

Henry xx


  1. stil so devo that i didn't get to say a propper goodbye but it leaves an excuse to come see you over there.
    It's sounds like such an adventure moving into a new place, discovering it all but also draining i supose.
    Anwyay i hope you settle in comfortably and love your new work!

  2. well you just missed out on lots of channel 2 fun at nannies house tonight where we saw louis and jane and lisa's new veggie garden and her pergola is finished.
    hope the pool party thing went well tonight. mum said watch out for sharks as there were 3 attacks on the east coast..but claira says stay right away from nature all together and you'l be safe.
    hope tomorrow goes wellll :) :)
    love mum and claira (dad's walking lucca)

  3. Hope that life in Sydney treats you well, Mr. Smith. :)

    - James M

  4. Henry I think you have lost weight in your face..must be all the swimming and jogging. I hope that youre eating well! I like your photos of the city; nice camera!