Saturday, February 14, 2009

03_Settling in

Ive finally gotten up to putting another blog up.


Filmview have been keeping me busy for the last few weeks putting me out on commercials on my own. I even managed to pull a 25 hour day last week with two commercials backing right onto each other!


Ive been trying to run and swim as often as I can with Sim. Weve been running along the coast between Bondi and Bronte, through Centennial Park, swimming at the Bronte sea pool and at the Cook + Phillip underground pool beneath Hyde Park in the city.


We went out exploring the city last night for Valentines Day with a ‘local’; AJ, the steadicam operator from the last feature we all did together in SA. Had a great dinner in Chinatown and got rained out in Darling Harbour.


Planning a big drive south tomorrow to shoot the Fitzroy Falls for a background film for Concordia’s musical ‘Children of Eden’.


Got a short 2 day commercial at the end of this week, before flying back to SA next Thursday for the premiere of ‘Coffin Rock’ and the first feature film I worked on; ‘Closed for Winter’. It will be great to catch up with the SA film mob!


I wont write too much. I’ll let my pictures tell my stories:




Looking back at Sydney from Kings Cross

Hyde Park, and beyond, St Mary's Catholic Church

Inside St Mary's

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour

At my bus stop

Down at the river with the family

Lucca loved the mud!

This is all thats left of our river

My flowers I got after working on a Telstra commercial in a florist

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