Monday, March 2, 2009

04_Out in the big world

Hi all

I didn’t think anyone was reading these, but apparently you are! So I’ll make sure they’re more frequent – each Tuesday I’ll put a new one up.


I just got back from a jam-packed 5 days back

 home in Adelaide. I went to the premiere of ‘Coffin Rock’ and ‘Closed for Winter’ (originally ‘Elise’) on Thursday and Friday night. Both looked fantastic, but when Closed for Winter is released in cinemas in April try and get along to it. It looks beautiful, sounds beautiful and Natalie Imbruglia is great throughout. Definitely worth going along to, and you’ll probably recognise parts of Adelaide and a lot of Semaphore.

I also went to ‘Soundwave’ on Saturday – a huge music festival at Bonython Park, and caught up with some great road-tripping friends, before checking out Mike Stewart’s Big Band. Go and check them out during the fringe. They’re playing everywhere and are a lot of fun!


We went out for Matt Kaesler’s birthday on Sunday night – apologies to Jules, I dragged him along to another jazz gig... not really his cup of tea! But we met a couple of Matt’s Uni mates so things balanced out!


Last night, Joel and I began planning a corporate video we’re shooting for Concordia – so that’s another trip back to SA very soon! This time however I’ll be daring the big drive over so I can bring all the gear over for the shoot. So if anyone’s in Sydney later this month and wants to share a lift back give me a yell!


Filmview have still been keeping me busy at work. We didn’t have many commercials last month but I was kept busy between the office and the warehouse. Always plenty to do there seems! I’ll have to take a photo of the warehouse... it’s a huge old building that has been gutted and filled with hundreds of storage garages. To get into our warehouse its an amazingly narrow rabbits warren of corridor-like driveways.

I worked solely on my first commercial as well a couple of weeks ago. It was a straight forward shoot for sunbeam, advertising irons, coffee machines, mixers and kettles. Very exciting! Even though it was pretty simple, I was pretty chuffed to have started and finished it on my own. So now I’m out in the big wide world, representing our company on shoots.


Ive also been looking into some other opportunities to shoot and direct some of my own work. I’m mid-way through applying for a new TV show that Triple J and ABC is putting together. Andrew Denton and his company have asked for applicants aged 18-30 to apply to shoot/direct/host/research/edit the show – the whole she-bang! It looks like a brilliant opportunity to break out into TV as a young cinematographer. The lengthy application is taking plenty of time to complete, as it includes a long written section, a full CV, examples of my work and additionally I must write, shoot and edit a short piece of my choice to demonstrate what I can do with whatever facilities I can get my hands on! Its all coming together quite well.


So back to work tomorrow. Ive been looking forward to a run and swim in the morning!


Take care



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  1. HENWY!!!
    it was so good to see you saturday! and to read your new post! you have a nack at writing! i'll have to add you to my blog...i have one too but i am a bit lame at updating it!

    and all the best with your application for the abc/triple j thing YOU ARE GOING TO NAIL IT!!!
    love lots and see you in like a week and a half! ayayayayayayaya i have been listening to the new coldplay!! AHHH so excited!