Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So this week's blog is a late night entry...

Its 11.30pm and I've just gotten home from a long meeting with Max, the director of ABC's Catalyst. We spent the evening scrutinizing  my application for the new tv show with Andrew Denton's production house and Triple J. I've utilised every spare minute of the past two weeks to put my application together, and tonight I had gotten to a stage where I was happy with it. But there's still a bit of a way to go. 
Max had the genius idea of submitting a second application under an alias name, to tick some of the other boxes that my application is avoiding, then filming the entire process right up to the submission, then handing it in with my alias application as my video piece. 
You know... just something to be bold!
So we nutted out what we can  deduce as what they are looking for. Bit of a tough one, but we think we got there.

So a couple more days until its due, then I'm taking the big drive back to Adelaide (thankfully with Sim as some company). 
In between applications and actual work, I've been planning and planning and re-planning for our shoot next week at Concordia College. It's going to be a 7 minute prospectus DVD for new families, covering all the 'new highschool' questions. It'll be a tightly run shoot, but should look fantastic.

I also managed a few crazy things amongst the week. I went along to the Mardi Gras on Saturday night... well actually I missed it because Sim, AJ and I had a late dinner at the Woolwich pub before catching the ferry into the city at 10. 
But the sight of chaotic mess all the way up Oxford St was worth the trip. There's was kilometeres of confetti, coloured plastic chairs, rainbow flags, dancing old men in slinky leather and drunk women with giant angel wings! The aftermath was definitely a lot of fun!

(not my picture... but I'm sure you get the drift!)

El and I went to see the Warratah's play on Friday night (thats rugby for all of you playing along at home). As hesitant as I was, it was a lot of fun - once you get into it that is. You have to yell obscenities at the umpire and shout tactical advice to the players to really embrace the moment!

Once again, Nick and I cooked up a storm in the kitchen tonight. The menu this week was fresh ginger fish with bocchini, followed by rhubarb crumble. The meal was cooked with exact precision; Nick mastering the stop watch for perfect cooking times, and I handled measuring each ingredient down to the mg!
Two fat ladies, suck on that!

So back into the office tomorrow. 
They've started to get me to do some more interesting things for them now, shooting some promo footage, shopping for a cargo barrier, and even some graphic design work for the website... so check out the website soon for some funky new backgrounds!

So not a bad week really!

Take care


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  1. Hi Henry
    This came up when I was searching for some other Haddrick items.
    Nice little blog, but very quiet since March.
    Enjoy tyhis weekend when mum ventures over.